“Ed Robertson was recommended to me.  He has some great ideas, using different shafts, kick points, stress points – well  beyond me.  He’ll tell me what to do and I’ll listen.”
Colin Montgomerie (European Tour Pro) quote in Daily Express 28/04/11

“Speaking of psychological boosts and clubs, I recently visited the Applied Golf Technology experts at St Andrews. They analysed my equipment and adjusted my clubs accordingly, like a golfing prescription. The results were astounding. It turns out my wedges were three degrees out – that’s about 15 yards of distance – and my three wood was also out. They have adjusted them to within 0.1 degrees and they feel great. Whoever said a good workman does not blame his tools was obviously not a golfer. It is only three weeks until I head to qualifying school and now my equipment is up to scratch I can get down to some serious work.”
Stephen Gallacher (European Tour Pro) quote in Aberdeen Press And Journal 29/10/2009

Hello Ed. Had to wait for my birthday, so only got my hands on the Miura CB57 irons last Wednesday. Have had 3 rounds now and am absolutely delighted. Only regret is that I didn’t find your website sooner. Very different feeling when you connect properly, lovely boring flight, and I am not finding the sweet spot any harder to find. In fact, the opposite if anything. Many thanks.
Alastair Cameron (Amateur), Avoch, Invernesshire, November 2017

Hi Ed, just to let you know that I have had plenty games with the new SeeMore putter and am absolutely delighted with the results. I have far better control of pace and line and a three putt is a rarity. Many thanks for your help. Regards John
John Carlin (Amateur), Arbroath, August 2017

Hi Ed,
Had a few games with the Miura clubs now! Great clubs! Brilliant feel… thanks again.
Philip Lemon (Amateur), Peterhead, January 2017

Hi Ed,
Was able to hit some balls yesterday 😉
Miura irons are as good as expected => well done; fine work. BUT, the best club in my bag is without doubt the new SeeMore Z3C putter!!! Absolutely AMAZING; tremendous feel; nice touch; great sound => best putter i ever used. THANK YOU!!!
Thomas Heller (Amateur), Germany, November 2016

“Ed from AGT’s communication was perfect throughout. A couple of small issues with the components that I asked Ed to put together was dealt with seamlessly and I can’t recommend Ed’s services enough. The build quality of the finished product is faultless. I know where I will be coming for my next set of irons. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.”
Stuart Wilson (Amateur), Monmouth, March 2016

“Good morning Ed. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the delicious Scor wedges you made for me.They arrived Friday, put them in the bag Saturday morning and played with them. I cannot believe how fantastic they are, great feel and great flight, and felt like I had used them for years. Stiffed 3 or 4 60 yard pitches with the 60 degree wedge, and my 3 playing partners were drooling over them, expect at least 3 more customers Ed. Cheers.”
John Gibbons (Amateur), Uxbridge, February 2015

“Hi ed hope you enjoyed your holiday! My Miura CB-57 clubs arrived before 1pm as you promised!
They are spot on. I had a look at the divots and they look pretty even if anything slightly deeper towards the toe but nothing in it to be honest!
Can’t believe how accurate they are and the ball flight is perfect also the feel is great!
It’s certainly is a set of clubs you can’t wait to play with!
Thanks again!”
Ross Sinclair (Amateur), Aberdeen, September 2014

“Loving the Scor 52W, the control is excellent. Beautiful feel and spin rate.”
Stephen McConnell (Pro), Motherwell, September 2014

“Hi Ed. I’ve been meaning to get back to you to let you know how happy I am with the Miura PP-9003 clubs, but the time has flown by as usual. Right from the beginning I noticed a big difference, both in distance and consistency, especially with irons 6 to PW, not to mention a more satisfying feel (and sound!). With 5 and 4 it took a bit longer but I’m getting there. Greetings from Amsterdam.”
Marshall Willox (Amateur), Amsterdam, September 2014

“Hi Ed. The SeeMore Z2C putter is fantastic. I see no need to alter the lie and the grip feels really comfortable. I am most grateful to you for the help and advice you have given me with this purchase. It has been an absolutely trouble-free and pleasant transaction. Take Care.
Tony Greensmith (Amateur), Willington – Co. Durham, September 2014

“Hello there ED, I am enjoying the set of Miura CB501 you built for me, really nice clubs… they perform amazingly.”
Matteo Mercurio (Amateur), London, January 2014

“Hi ed, played three rounds this week in St. Andrews and Anstruther. Golf was very good, hitting it great, however, my putting was amazing (SeeMore). I cannot believe my accuracy with long putts and I am holing out beautifully. Regards for a great fitting, loving it.”
Stephen McConnell (Pro), Motherwell, December 2013

“Evening Ed, the Miura CB501 irons are absolutely superb and I am delighted with them.”
Keith Swinley (Amateur), Ayr, December 2013

“Hi ed, loving the new SeeMore putter, played today at Elmwood, no three putts, only single and two putts, never missed from eight foot in, holed out beautifully.”
Stephen McConnell (Pro), Motherwell, December 2013

First of all what a service and product you have, well worth the journey. I cannot compliment you enough on your facility and the way you deliver the customer experience, whilst with Martin and the guys and then after with the email below and the info it brings. The biggest compliment I can pay you is that if there was an industry standard you would be it, with the knowledge and experience you bring.”
Brian Sewell (Amateur), Sheffield, December 2012

“Hi Ed
Just wanted to thank you again for the fitting my putter on Sunday – managed to get out on to the putting green for an hour at lunch today and it was brilliant – if the weather holds back again tomorrow just to make sure it wasnt a fluke! Remembered the armpit tip and was off.”
Shona Morland (Amateur), Edinburgh, November 2012

“Martin, thanks for a great iron fitting and the info you gave me today. As an independent professional coach I will be pleased to recommend you to any of my clients looking for customisation. My clubs are awesome. Thanks again.”
Stephen McConnell (Pro), Motherwell, August 2012

“I would have to say that my experience with the staff at the AGT Fitting Centre in St.Andrews has been second to none. The facilities that they have available to use in fitting your clubs is the best that I have ever used. Since first starting to work with the staff of the Fitting Centre in October of 2008 they have used their expertise in club making to construct a set of clubs that have helped me improve my game tenfold and have led me to my first major amateur success in 2009. The staff at AGT are world leaders in their ability to provide a custom fitting service that will deliver a set of clubs which will help you improve your game. Thanks AGT for all your help.”
Gerard Kelly (Amateur 3G ICGA Champion 2009), Ireland

“Ed, just to let you have an update on the SeeMore ONE CS putter that you fitted me for last week. Firstly, I think the putter looks beautiful, but the most important thing is will it help me make more putts! I took it to the course for the first time yesterday and played a singles tie, so it was pressure from the start. From the first hole it just felt so good, and throughout I was confident about all the putts that I faced. In the tie I had two birdies and seven one putt greens, and I won. This was my first round of golf in four weeks, my chipping was not what it should be, and I can honestly say that the SeeMore won the tie for me. Thanks again for helping me through the fitting stage, obtaining the model of putter that I wanted etc, to improve what is in the opinion of many the most important part of the game of golf, putting.”
Alex McIntyre (Amateur), Crail, May 2012

“Hello Ed. Just to let you know that the results from the putting lab along with the weight insert in my now customised putter are working wonders. I am delighted. This has been the best money I have spent on golf in a long time. Regards.”
Joe McGill (Amateur), Montrose, January 2012

“Hi Martin. I am writing to you to say what a difference my time spent with you has made to my game. I played in a team closing day competition. We got third place. My h/c is 21. I played to 13 with 6 pars and a birdie, lipping out for another 2 birdies so I am sending you a BIG thank you. My putter is great with the two inches taken off. In the competition I either 2 putted or single putted. I am thrilled.
Jennifer Galloway (Amateur), October 2011

“Hi Martin, thanks for your patience and understanding! Just shot an effortless level 9, that’s all I had time for but I was itching to try the clubs out, so 9 was better than none. Early indications are that mid – high irons are flying +10yds. Didn’t manage to use all the clubs but 4iron goes 200, 6iron 170 and 7iron 160. All distances by skycaddie. Biggest difference is the grip. There’s a real confidence when I’m gripping the club and a feel like you can’t miss! Will still take a wee bit of getting used to but I like them even more now! Thanks again.”
Gerry Gemmell (Amateur), Dunfermline,  July 2011

“Guys, I had been told it was a must to get fitted but never thought it was going to be as good as it was. Pat and Martin were very easy to work with and explained everything to me as we went, top class info from top class guys. Cheers.”
Garry Mcletchie (Amateur), Carluke, June 2011

“I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback and to thank Pat and Martin for the work they did with my with my putter on Monday 20 June.
As always first class advice and attention to detail. Since my fitting I have recorded my first sub 30 putting round (on 25 June) in two years (29) and my confidence on the greens is at a whole new level. My pace control and quality of roll is vastly improved.”
Craig Speedie (Amateur), Lanark, June 2011

“Howdy Martin. I tell you chief, if you were a woman I’d have married you…! The putting on Sunday was awesome. Bagged everything …27 putts…. Happy days!!”
George Cooper (Amateur), Ellen, Aberdeenshire,  May 2011

“Guys. Handicap cut to 5 !! 1 under through 9 in a 2 club wind……… irons and wedges truly fantastic…….. ”
Mark Houston (Amateur), East Kilbride, May 2011

“I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me on the 23rd December doing the Tour Van Gold package. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really, really good.
I just wanted to let you know I have played quite a lot recently and the weighting in my driver has brought it on leaps and bounds. I am hitting the ball a lot more consistently and a lot straighter. I am also hitting my irons a lot better with the lie adjustment, but the biggest difference has been to my putter, The extra length and lie change have seen a huge difference. My playing partners have noticed it as well. I am holing everything… Hope this continues into the new season anyway.”
Mark Watson (Amateur), Bridge of Don

“Seriously the irons are FANTASTIC and I’m beginning to hit it great so thanks for everything !!!
Put it on your customer feedback section of the website that I think you guys do a brilliant job !”
Paul Moran (Amateur), Leeds

“Hi Ed & Martin!
Many thanks for your time and help yesterday – it was absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to play today to see how it all goes, and of course, I will let you know once I’m done :-)”
Lynn Kenny (European Ladies Tour Pro), Stirling

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit, the difference in the putting on Saturday was amazing – holed many more putts than has been the case for a long time. Need to work on the angle of attack now, as you said at least I can see where I am going wrong.”
John Brown (Amateur), East Calder

“Hi guys,
Just thought you might be interested but since you sorted my putter, my putting stats have been for me incredible.”
Andrew Coltart (European Tour Pro), Edinburgh

“Just a short email to say that I had a fantastic day at the Applied Golf Technology facility last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel that the knowledge I gained on my visit will help me to improve my game.
Norman was so professional and put me at ease allowing the balls I hit to make the data representative of my normal shotmaking. I will definitely be back as I think regular data sessions can only help me. My only concern is that I get addicted to the process!! Thanks again.”
John Colquhoun (Amateur … former Hearts footballer), Edinburgh

“Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my new irons and fairway woods. I am definitely striking the ball better, getting more length and height and have reduced the number of thinned shots due to the right length clubs. Thanks again for the super service and product.”
Tony Matthews (Amateur), Aberdeen

“I thought that I would send you an email to let you know that the Evolution irons that I bought from you around two months ago are great. I have a new found confidence when hitting the ball from the fairway and the 3 iron is a great option from the tee.
Your advice on the longer shafts has helped my posture as I now stand more upright and I am also hitting the ball further than before. I feel that the single figure handicap I am looking for isn’t too far away.”
Chris Smith (Amateur), Kirkcaldy

“Hi Ed
Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the Evolution irons (4-PW) you fitted me with a couple of months ago.
I have now played 5 medals with the irons and had 5 consecutive cuts, 2 of which I shot sub par which I had only done twice before. So 2 get 5 cuts in a row with 2 sub par rounds was exciting. Ball flight much improved and happy with distances too.
I am now playing off a career low 1.3 and hope to push on from here. The kind weather played a big part as did the irons.
My putting has been poor during this period and I’ve not made any swing changes so a large part of this must be down to the irons.”
Iain Weir (Amateur), Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

“I attended a driver fitting session on 05/03/10 which was carried out by Martin, after trying several different shafts his recommendation was to cut 2″ off my current driver, I am pleased to report this has shown a marked improvement in both Distance and Accuracy coupled with using a lower spinning ball I am now hitting it very very well.
Thank you very much.”
Robert Martin (Amateur), Edinburgh

“Hi Pat, just to let you know that James is really delighted with his new miura irons, he is now consisently shooting low seventies and is finding he is hitting more greens in regulation.”
Jim Reilly (Dad of Amateur), East Kilbride, Glasgow

“Ed Robertson is the best clubmaker in my opinion. Since I have had my new custom fitted KZG golf clubs I am playing the best golf of my life!”
Sam Craigon (Amateur, 12 years old), Kinross

“My new set of irons are absolutely superb. Best irons I’ve hit for a long time”
Jim Farmer (Pro), St Andrews

“I’m in love with my new KZG Forged Cavity II Mid irons. So much better than my previous set of Callaway irons. Great workmanship”
Jonathan Hall (Amateur), London

“Ed, my Miura clubs are fantastic. The light shaft is great in the long irons. I found it interesting that the 3 iron shaft felt very soft but didn’t seem to have a loss of control and the distance was amazing. Then the short irons just felt great.
Thanks very much for your help in getting my clubs perfect. I know that I am very picky when it comes to my clubs so thanks for putting up with me.”
Ross Dixon (Pro), St Andrews

“Ed, just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the KZG Gemini driver. Golf is so much more fun when you can hit the fairways.”
Martyn Steed (Amateur), Aberdeen

“Received clubs on Friday morning. Have had 400 range balls and 3 rounds since, and am absolutely delighted. Expectations have been surpassed. Thank you for all the help. I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends and use you in the near future.”
Steven Ferguson (Amateur), East Kilbride

“It has been a couple of months now since I was fitted for my new Miura irons. I felt I needed to write to express my complete satisfaction with the irons. They are without doubt the best clubs I have played, and as for the wedges they are just fantastic.
May I thank you personally for your professional approach to club fitting, and for the advice you passed on during the fitting process. The tip re: the driving is certainly starting to pay off – more fairways and more distance”
Alan Brown (Amateur), Gorstage, Cheshire

“The clubs (Miura Blades) are really good. The top line is razor- like – what an inspiring view at address. They have a feeling akin to a surgeons scalpel, delicate and precise. I hit about 150 balls at the range. The three irons were travelling 180 yards as straight as arrows.
Towards the end of the session I was playing a soft draw on all but the wedges – fantastic! These are going to be fantastic shot-shaping irons. The distance control is the most noticeable quality though, shot after shot to the very foot it seemed. Again, fantastic! The wedges are beautiful performers too, so consistent. As for the grips, the size is spot on. All in all a job well done.”
Tim Richardson (Amateur), Harrogate

“I’m delighted to tell you that the driver has made an immediate impact resulting in my handicap being cut by two strokes at Saturday’s medal. I hit every fairway which for me has been unheard of. I am reluctant to tell fellow members of my new acquisition which may deflect from my glory which I hope is just the beginning.”
James Wilson (Amateur), Dunfermline

“I am enjoying the 3 wood you supplied over the Easter break. I feel the shaft selection is spot on.”
Robert McCabe (Amateur), Lenzie

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