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Miura’s forged irons and wedges command a well-deserved reputation as the industry standard against which all other forged heads are judged. Miura clubhead quality is guaranteed but, in order that the clubs perform to your satisfaction, much depends on the standard of club fitting/club building provided by your Miura dealer. Quality and price may vary significantly so choose your Miura dealer carefully and don’t just base your choice on price alone or you may well end up disappointed with the final product.

Applied Golf Technology (AGT) has over 12 years experience as an authorised Miura dealer so here are 4 good reasons why we hope you will always consider AGT when purchasing Miura golf clubs.

Miura CB-57 Cavity Back

Miura CB-57 Cavity Back

1 – Club Fitting
The key to a successful set of golf clubs is having them fitted to your own personal specifications. We provide club fittings at the the Custom Fit Centre in the prestigious St Andrews Links Golf Academy at the Home of Golf. Here the clubfitters have a wealth of experience fitting Miura golf clubs. Shot performance is measured on Trackman and you will be able to compare the best-fit Miura option against your current irons. Optimum settings for club length, shaft type and flex, grip type and size, and loft and lie are determined and explained to the customer. All of these specs must be known before the clubs can be built.

2 – Club Assembly
At AGT we assemble Miura clubs with meticulous attention to detail. Shafts are checked and aligned for optimum performance. Loft and lies are set to a tolerance of +/- 0.25 degrees and swingweights are matched to within 0.5 swingweight points. Ferrules are perfectly finished and grips are precisely sized and aligned. We also offer Moment of Inertia (MOI) matching as an alternative to swingweight matching if required.

Miura MB-001 Blade

Miura MB-001 Blade

3 – Competitive pricing
We offer very competitive prices for our sets of irons include shaft alignment (an upcharge elsewhere) and  a customer fitting session to the value of £65.  Any upcharges for specialised shafts or grips are kept to an absolute minimum. You may hear of cheaper Miura prices elsewhere, but we would advise you to question their build quality and after-sales service to make sure you are comparing like with like.

4 – Customer service / after-sales service 
Our helpful and friendly customer service has one aim in mind …… a totally satisfied Miura customer. Our testimonials will bear that out. We often beat our quoted turnaround time of 7-10 days. After receiving the clubs, we encourage customers to test them and report back. If they feel that lofts and lies need to be adjusted then this will be provided by AGT free of charge.

In summary
At AGT we believe that the quality and performance of our Miura clubs are second to none. “Built to Perfection – Built to Perform” is no idle boast but reflects our care and attention to detail which ensures that Miura retains their reputation for being the most desirable forged clubs on the market. Please check out our Miura product pages for more information or call 01334 828090 to discuss your own personal requirements.

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