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Elite players in most major sports know that they can only play to their full potential if their equipment is carefully selected and customised to meet their own individual requirements.

Golf is no exception to this rule. In fact, when you consider the small margin of error in golf by comparison with other sports, customised equipment becomes an even more important factor.

The top tour pros are well aware of this and are fortunate to be given comprehensive equipment support as part of their sponsorship deals. However for most unsponsored golf pros, and certainly for the vast majority of amateurs, access to such facilities is not possible.

Most amateurs are using off-the-shelf equipment, unsure as to whether or not it suits their own requirements and unaware that some of their current problems on the course could well be equipment-related and easily fixed.

Tour Van Gold (TVG) was introduced by AGT to provide advanced players with a unique package of specialist equipment support. The TVG service has since been taken over by St Andrews Links Trust but current members can still access their TVG data at the bottom of our website pages.

If you would like further information on Tour Van Gold or you wish to book a session then call the Custom Fit Centre at St Andrews Links Golf Academy on 01334 466728.



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