Beginner Golfer

When Tiger Woods was asked what was the best tip he could give to beginners his reply was to make sure they started out with custom-fit clubs. He said that by attempting to accommodate ill-fitting clubs you will develop swing flaws which take months if not years to eradicate later on.

He was fortunate in that his dad gave him custom fit clubs from day one and he has played with customised equipment ever since. For beginners, custom fit clubs make the game much easier to learn and much more enjoyable to play because real progress can be achieved so much quicker. Not only that but you will develop a sound and natural golf swing from day one which will last you a lifetime.

At the start you need to get the basic fitting parameters correct including head type, shaft flex, length, clubhead lie and grip size. Keep in mind that custom fitting is not a one-off event. It should be an ongoing process throughout your golfing career.

As your golf swing, skill level and physical characteristics change, so must your golf equipment.

Think back to when you first learned to drive a car. In all probability you started out in an appropriate car which was the right size and power for the first time driver. Then before setting off your instructor made sure your seat position, steering wheel and driving mirrors were set properly so as to offer you maximum visibility and control.

Instructors know that you will learn faster and safer if you start out in a customised car. Totally logical when learning to drive a car, so why not apply the same sound logic when learning to play golf?

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