Junior Golfer

Whether or not juniors take to the game of golf depends a lot on whether their early experiences are enjoyable and whether they can see themselves making some progress.

In order to achieve some early success, it is so important to make sure that they are learning to play the game with clubs that suit their playing ability and their physical requirements.

In years gone by, when money was short, it was common practice to cut-down some old adult clubs for the kids.

Perhaps understandable at the time, but it made the learning process so much harder because the clubs were generally too heavy, the grips too thick and the shortened shafts too stiff. With the availability of reasonably priced junior clubs nowadays this practice should not even be considered.

When a child takes up the game of golf for the first time, there is no need for a full set of clubs. In fact the fewer the better as it encourages them to play a variety of shots with the same club.

For very young children (3-5 years old) a putter and a 7 iron are adequate. After all, children of this age should be learning to putt and chip before attempting full shots.

Between 6-12 years old the junior golfer requires only a half set of clubs comprising a putter, three irons and a lofted wood. A full set of clubs should only be considered when the junior reaches 12 or 13 years and is already a keen golfer.


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