Lady Golfer

Essentially, custom-fitting lady golfers is no different to fitting the men. However, it must be said that in general the average lady player lacks the strength and power of the average male player, so this must be taken into account when selecting and customising golf equipment.

It is true that there are strong lady players around who can hit the ball as far as most men, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

The average lady is generally of smaller stature with less strength and a slower swingspeed than the average male. For this reason ladies clubs are generally shorter, with lighter and more flexible shafts and smaller grips than their male counterparts.

Most ladies benefit from using game improvement cavity-back clubheads on their irons. These are more forgiving on off-centre strikes and are designed to get the ball airborne more easily by having more weight in the sole of the club.

The lower centre of gravity also promotes more solid ball striking, since ladies often take very little divit with their shots. Nowadays, many lady tour pros are using lofted fairway woods in place of long irons as they find them so much easier to play. Most amateur ladies would be well advised to do likewise.

Many ladies have great problems using a driver. So much so that they often play a 3 wood off the tee since it seems to give them as much, if not more distance than a driver. The reason for this is that a 3 wood has considerably more loft than a driver.

Because of the ladies’ slower swingspeeds many need the additional loft to generate optimum launch angles for maximum distance. For this reason 14° lofted drivers have proved extremely popular with slower swinging lady players.

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