Mid-High Handicap Golfer

You often hear people saying that custom fitting is only for good players. This is a golfing myth.

Within limits an advanced player may be able to adapt to clubs which are not designed for his or her personal requirements because they have the talent to do so. The average player does not have the skill to accommodate ill-fitting clubs. So in effect it is the average player who benefits most from custom fitting.

The bulk of our customers are mid – high handicap players. Often they will come to us saying that they struggle for distance off the tee, or are not striking irons very well, or can’t hole a putt. Of course all of these things require a certain degree of skill which not everybody has.

However in our experience the problem is often equipment-related and by changing or adjusting the club, the performance improvement is immediate.

Here are a few common examples of equipment related problems:

  • Club length too long or too short resulting in poor ball striking
  • Incorrect lie angles resulting in misdirected shots with irons
  • Wrong driver loft resulting in a loss of distance
  • Wrong driver face angle which exaggerates slices or hooks
  • Wrong shaft selection which affects distance, accuracy and consistency
  • Putter too long and too upright resulting in missed putts

So why suffer the frustration of playing badly when these issues can be addressed with a customised club. Remember if you are in this group then you stand to benefit the most from equipment customisation.

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