Miura MB-001 Blade

Miura MB-001 Blade
Miura MB-001 Blade

The MB001 is Miura’s latest blade design. A unique combination of feel, performance and elegance. Much time has been spent making sure that this is Miura’s best looking and best performing blade to date.

The sole has been designed to interact perfectly with the turf ensuring that the face remains square at impact. The top line is just the right thickness to appeal to the most discerning golfer. Yoshitaka Miura wanted to give the player a more upright aspect for a better view of the ball at address.

The lines of the muscleback and uncluttered logo give this iron a clean distinctive Miura look both at address and in the golf bag.

All clubs are built to your required spec.  The price will vary depending on your choice of shaft and grip.

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