Proof that the SeeMore putting system works

Now that AGT is an authorised SeeMore putter fitting centre and both Ed and Martin have passed the SeeMore Bronze Instructor / Fitter test, we wanted some proof that the SeeMore system definitely has the potential to improve a player’s putting stroke.  At St Andrews Links Golf Academy we have a SAM Puttlab analyser which measures 28 parameters of the putting stroke. We decided to put the SeeMore system of putting to the test, using SAM Puttlab. The results blew us away.

First we had to find a volunteer who was unhappy with their putting.  We soon found an ideal candidate and will tell you who it is at the end of this report.  The plan was to use SAM to analyse the player’s current putting stroke then to compare this with the SeeMore system of putting using a fitted SeeMore putter.

The player chosen generally sets up with his putter in the middle of his stance and his eye line directly over the ball.  His current putter stroke is driven by arms and hands rather than by simply rocking the shoulders with firm wrists. He complained that his putter always seemed to move outside the line on his backstroke and that the putts never felt solid. As a result, distance control was not good and his confidence was not great.

Face angle at aim and impact using current stroke

Face angle at aim and impact using the SeeMore system of putting

Note the initial 0.9 degree open clubface at impact using the current stroke and the square face angle at impact using the SeeMore system of putting.

Putter path viewed from above using current stroke

Putter path viewed from above using the SeeMore system of putting

The black dot indicates the impact point with the ball. Note the loop in the backstroke of the current putting stroke (dotted line). The putter is being taken away on the outside during the backstroke and then re-routed in the forward stroke prior to impact (solid line). When using the SeeMore system the backstroke and forward stroke into impact are virtually superimposed on each other and the backstroke is arcing more inside rather than straight back. In both instances the forward stroke is arcing left of the target line after impact.  We then noticed that the player looks up and rotates his shoulders left after hitting the ball so we have since taken steps to eliminate this.

Impact points on the clubface using current stroke

Impact points on the clubface using the SeeMore system of putting

Note the heel strikes on the original putting stroke and the centre strikes using the SeeMore putting system. The SeeMore system also achieves a vertical putter at impact and the rise angle of 0.1 degrees indicates that the ball is being hit at the bottom of the putting arc. Both of these ensure that the putter loft at impact is correct.


The SeeMore system of putting has significantly improved this player’s backstroke, face angle at impact and centre strikes. His putts feel much more solid and distance control should improve as a result. This dramatic improvement in putting performance was achieved within 15 minutes of putting on SAM Puttlab.  The transformation in such a short space of time was amazing.  The player is delighted.  How do I know? …. because the player was myself.  Anybody who has ever played with me (Ed) knows that my putting has always been suspect at best and cringeworthy rest of the time.

If the SeeMore system can improve my putting stroke as quickly as this it will work for anybody.  Now if only I could read greens ………

To arrange a fitting session just call AGT at 01334 828090.


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