Club Adjustments and Repairs

High quality professional work guaranteed at AGT

When needing a club adjustment such as loft and lies or clubs re-shafted you might expect your local pro to be able to do this for you. Or maybe you know someone locally who does club repairs on the side and doesn’t charge much. However before you give your clubs to them … beware! Always check out their workshop equipment and question them on their ability to do the job. In our 20 years of working in this field we have seen some awful loft and lie adjustments and botched club repairs carried out by hobbyists, PGA pros and even major brand tour van staff.

At AGT we take great pride in our club repair and club adjustment services. All work is carried out by an experienced professional clubmaker. We use top quality workshop equipment, calibrated and quality controlled on a daily basis. Lofts and lies are set to a tolerance of +/- 0.2 deg.  Swingweights are set to +/- 0.5 swingweight points. We are meticulous when it comes to doing the job properly.

We offer free shaft alignment as an optional extra on all re-shafting jobs. Grip sizing is included in all re-gripping jobs and all grips are checked for proper alignment.

Club length is a key factor in good ball striking and we can lengthen or shorten clubs as required.

Please note that loft and lie adjustment on some cast irons may not be possible because of their hosel design or the type of steel used in their manufacture.

Check out our price list and you will see that we are very competitive.

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